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At the Oxford Highland Group, we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional M&A representation. We understand the gravity of the responsibility our clients entrust in us and thus strive for meticulousness and precision in our work. Our team of M&A professionals approaches each transaction with the determination and diligence that the process demands, and we are committed to delivering superior results that honor the faith placed in us.

Our objectives and strategies are tailored to our clients’ ultimate success in achieving a successful M&A transaction. We constantly explore new ways of thinking and stay on the forefront of industry trends to ensure that we are fully equipped to influence the future of the businesses we represent.

As a non-conventional M&A firm, the Oxford Highland Group prides itself on our unique approach to evaluating and marketing our clients’ businesses towards a successful closing. Our team is deeply knowledgeable about the industry, and our customers have come to rely on us for our expertise. Our founding principles of teamwork and partnership are integral to our work, and we take pride in the impact our team members have on our clients, both internally and externally.

Thank you for considering the Oxford Highland Group. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and contribute to your success.

Meet Our Leadership

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Preferred Partner

Gary Martin

Gary T. Martin

President & CEO

The Owner of the firm, Gary spent a career working with Fortune 100 Companies such as AT&T, Mead, Sprint, and Xerox. He is a highly skilled executive with an impressive track record of achievement in high-valued transactions. He has extensive experience in transactions across multiple verticals with specific emphasis in the areas of Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Manufacturing. Gary holds a bachelor’s degree from Miami University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University. He is a Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Dan Jourdan Vice President of National Sales

Dan Jourdan

Vice President of National Sales

Also known as “The Deej,” He is a salesman, plain and simple. Dan has a proven track record as an M&A Advisor, Financial Consultant, Business Owner, and Nationally Acclaimed Public Speaker. He successfully started, built, and sold six successful businesses. He has worked as a college instructor teaching business management. His sales philosophy is a cross between Confucius and Robin Williams. Dan lives in Marietta, Georgia, with his wife Sharon and two children, Matthew and Sophie, who have stopped listening to him. That’s why “he does meetings to feel relevant again.”

Chad Pevey

Chad Pevey

Vice President of Business Development 

Chad Pevey, vice president of business development at the organization, has worked for and represented numerous advanced business establishments in the United States, from his starting background as a director and sales executive of numerous aerospace companies to his executive coaching and advisory expertise concerning mergers & acquisition transactions. He is an exceptional verse executive with his methods to assist his clients’ cost analysis, exit, and succession planning. Chad has remarkable proficient accomplishments in business management, oversight, and professional aeronautics. He also has excellent knowledge of aerospace engineering and machine technology. Chad Pevey received his bachelor of science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, with concentrations in business management and operations and professional aeronautics. Chad also earned his certification in mergers & acquisitions from Columbia School of Business and is licensed to practice real estate.

Scott Loucher

Scott L0ucher

Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions Sales, Central Territory

Based in the Dallas, Texas office, Scott worked with Gary Martin as a team member in a pervious Fortune 100 company. Since that time he has been in Investment Banking as a financial professional in the public and private sector. He has brought a wealth of experience and value to the organization. As a sellers representative, Scott knows the challenges owners of privately held companies face as they plan their exit strategy and their retirement leading up to the sell of their company. Scott does resents buyers looking for acquisitions to add to their portfolio. He is a frequent speaker, trainer, analyst and exit planner for organizations throughout the US. Scott holds Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Ohio University.

Will King

Will King

Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions Sales, Southeast Territory 

Will King, vice president of mergers & acquisitions sales, southeast territory, has worked for and represented numerous real-estate enterprise organizations throughout the southeast United States through his sales, management, and research experience concerning business development and mergers & acquisition transactions. Will is an impressive verse leader with his strategies to aid his clients’ in the notions of cost computation, departure, and exit strategy. He has remarkable proficient achievements in economics, finance, and professional business. He also has experience writing comparable sale reports and SEC filings. Will King obtained his bachelor of business from Georgia Southern University, with concentrations in economics, finance, and business management. Will has also profoundly contributed his time by volunteering for social non-profits of the Special Olympics and the Roswell Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. He is licensed to practice real estate. 

Carl Hammer

Carl Hammer

Chief Strategy Officer

Carl is an experienced consultant, strategist, and executive leader with a diverse network of professional relationships developed over 25+ years.  He founded Hammer Residential, eventually evolving that into Hammer Strategic, broadening its clientele into both early-stage companies and large enterprise organizations.  Over time, Carl assumed executive leadership roles in some of these client companies, gaining a unique perspective on intrinsic value creation and innovation as a repeatable process to generate corporate growth.  This experience occurred across many different industry sectors, aided by a measured, model driven protocol for forecasting likely capital market responses to this value creation.  Known for his high level strategic thinking and the ability to drive stable growth and revenues for businesses.  He is recently returned from a semi-retired/professional sabbatical to join us at The Oxford Highland Group.

Samuel G. Martin

Samuel G. Martin

Sales & Communication Specialist

Samuel Martin, an honors graduate from Kennesaw State University, has worked for some of the top companies in the world, such as Luxottica Eye Wear in the luxury market, Best Buy in the technology sector, to Marriott International, the world’s largest hospitality company. He is an admiringly experienced collegiate leader with a remarkable history of achievement in his university degree program and professional sales experience. Samuel Martin has exceptional academic achievements in communication, including Public Relations Principles, Public Speaking, and Crisis Communication. He also knows technology and web development through his study of computing, programming courses, and real-world experience. Samuel Martin holds his bachelor of science degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. As the former President of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communications Honor Society, his long-term career goals are to continue growing his sales and marketing career.

Kyle Rubis

Kyle Rubis

Financial Analyst

Kyle is highly skilled in growth variance-covariance matrix analysis. He provides Capital Asset Pricing and Net Present Value Modeling for the firm. Kyle is a graduate of The University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, with honors in Finance. He holds a real estate license in Georgia.

Media Moore Office Manager

Media Moore

Office Manager

Media is technically skillful in communications and marketing in traditional and new media roles. She holds an Associate of Applied Arts from Hawkeye Community College and Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration from Iowa University. She also holds a real estate license.

“To date, the Oxford Highland Group has closed over $400 million in deals and has worked with Fortune 100 Companies such as AT&T, Mead, Sprint, and Xerox.”

Gary Martin

– Gary T. Martin 

Attributes of Oxford Highland Group

Serving the Large and Mid-market Mergers & Acquisitions needs of Clients looking to either acquire or sell businesses, The Oxford Highland Group are experts. We understand the criticality of discretion, transparency and structure when representing a client and we bring 40 years of transaction history and knowledge to each engagement. We provide a strong International mix of Large & Mid-Size Corporate experience, Mid-Size Entrepreneurial Experience and multiple technical disciplines including Operations, Finance, Sales and Marketing and C-Level management know-how.

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