The Oxford Highland Difference

As your Buy-Side representative, we work with you to perform a targeted search, identify potential acquisitions of interest and then construct an acquisition strategy to execute a successful transaction. Companies seeking acquisitions engage The Oxford Highland Group to be “proactive” and as a resource of ideas and expertise to target companies that are a “fit” for their acquisition strategy.

Our process starts with a pre-acquisition analysis that assists us to determine the buyer’s strategic intentions regarding the acquisition process. From there forward, we identify suitable target companies and qualify those targets to ensure that the acquisition will deliver sufficient ROI to justify management’s long-term effort post acquisition.  From there on we follow logical and pragmatic process that will target a fit (knowing that there may not be such a thing as the perfect fit) in an acquisition.

We assist in designing an acquisition strategy that delivers results for the buyer and we also assist in managing expectations and responsiveness of the selling company. Many times a buyer is dealing with sellers that are selling their business for the first time and have never been through the process before. While this can be an advantage to a buyer it can also make things more difficult in the time consuming search process – we are experienced in managing these matters to the buyers benefit.

We are with you from the inception of strategy, target design and approach, fact finding and deal structuring, negotiation and through the closing stages of a transaction. Our aim is that we achieve your acquisition goals, while you focus on your current business.

Nearly 40 Years In Business
$ 0M
Over $400 Million In Deals Closed
$ 0M
Pipeline of $80 Million

40 years in the industry has seen us build a very extensive contact book of Active sellers and Active buyers, Financiers from both the Conventional Banking Industry and from Private Equity along with extensive Legal and Accounting resources. When working with the Oxford Highland Group you are tapping into this network and we leverage those relationships extensively to help you achieve your goals.

Buyers Strategic Intention – Fact Finding


Target Qualification Process

The first stage of a buy side engagement is target identification. We critically assess your strategic intent to establish an agreed upon business profile that we overlay onto potential target companies.

As a Buy-Side client, you want us to find you the businesses of real value in your target vertical, these businesses are typically not for sale and our skills come to the fore in being able to identify, approach, qualify and establish interest on the part of the seller to engage in further discussions.

Executive Summary Contents

After we engage target companies, we proceed to build a strong picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each company as acquisition opportunities.

By liaising directly with the potential seller we perform a deep dive on each business to capture key decision making data and then formulate that data into a presentation that will assist in establishing the appropriate next steps for each opportunity.


Post Executive Summary Process

As we move into the negotiation and deal structure stage our role is to manage information flow and maintain progress toward a satisfactory conclusion. Coordination of communication between Buyer, Seller, Advisory, Legal and Financial parties on all sides is directed through our team to ensure a consistent and controlled flow of documents and data.

Though we engage with all parties extensively, our priority is always our client’s best interests and we provide a trusted advisory role throughout the process.


We believe in complete transparency of process backed by scrupulous honesty – we believe in the quality of our work and our processes and we seek to ensure that at all times, you are fully up to speed on the acquisition process. Our aim is to ensure that only those directly involved with the transaction are ever aware that it is happening, we understand the need for discretion and our aim is to assist you in your acquisition goals in a highly confidential and discrete manner.

Ready to take the next step? Contact our team, and we will help get you started.

We know that you may have several questions about our history, our process, and our track record of proven results, and we are here to help you however we can. Contact our team today, and we will put you in touch with the specialist that can best serve your business

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